History of Elliott Asset Management

Mark Elliott created Elliott Asset Management (“EAM”) as a radical departure from the traditional large financial service firm model. EAM anticipated and warned our clients about the high probability of a housing market collapse in 2006 (published in our April 2007 research bulletin). and then encouraged our clients to aggressively invest in U.S. equities in March of 2009, at the bottom of the financial markets. Since 2011 we have be recommending our clients to aggressively buy single family real estate in the U.S.A. We anticipate a strong and sustained USA market come-back, particularly in certain markets.

Before starting EAM, Mr. Elliott urged his colleagues and classmates in medical school to avoid the tech stock market bubble in 1999 and buy real estate.

Regulations do not permit the “advertising” of the results of our accounts managed from 2002-2006 or current accounts in the current format, however most are available for individual review by qualified investors.

Despite what we believe to be a superior track record of advice EAM focuses firstly on investment and cash management fundamentals. Currently we are not seeking out new investors, however we will consider selectively taking on new clients who share our long-term objectives and meet our $2 million initial investment minimum.