Mark Elliott created Elliott Asset Management (“EAM”) as a radical departure from the traditional large financial service firm model. EAM anticipated and warned our clients about the high probability of a housing market collapse in 2006 (published in our April 2007 research bulletin) and then encouraged our clients to aggressively invest in U.S. equities in March of 2009, at the bottom of the financial markets. Since 2011 we have be recommending our clients to aggressively buy single family real estate in the U.S.A. We anticipate a strong and sustained USA market come-back, particularly in certain markets.

1st Qtr, 2007

“The most immediate and overt risk to the US economy is the [significantly overvalued] real estate market”
*At that time most U.S. real estate markets were at or near their peak values

October 24, 2008*

“Right now there are fantastic opportunities in municipal bonds… I have locked in… long-term high-quality municipal bonds yielding the taxable equivalent of 11% to over 12%!

*At that time “experts” warned of massive muni bond defaults within a year, leading to bargain prices.

March 2009

“The pessimism is palpable, which is generally a good sign for investing in stocks… I am once again seeing many exceptional opportunities in the market” (released by email on 3.10.09)

*March 9, 2009 was the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit bottom at 6,547. On 3.10.09 it closed at 6,926.

June 2012

“‘Safe’, fixed income investments [bonds] appear overvalued… favor stocks and hard assets, instead.”
*Our bond investments have dramatically increased in value (pushing yields down).
To date we have suffered ZERO defaults.

June, 2012

“I am encouraging many of my investors to increase exposure of withdrawing money from my management.”
*Only time will tell if this recommendation will be profitable. Elliot Asset Management always puts your interests first.


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